Wednesday, April 20, 2011

my Photobucket list

There are so many things in life that i want to achieve, like becoming a teacher, a doctor, a blogger, a pharmacist, a national artisan, a singer,a traveler, a model as if and so on... but there's just too much to do to become at least one of these.

Since i am an ambitious person, well more like a dreamer because ambitious is an infamous strong word, I think i would be dealing with them one at a time. for now, i'll pursue my being a pharmacist, since i'm an exam away to be a registered one.

Anyway.... has anyone watched the movie Bucket list?, well, I was inspired by the thought of writing down the places i want to visit before i went on to the other side. I was so inspired that i logged on to my blog account and thought to make one just like that BUT, instead of a list, I would make a Photo Bucket list. and not just of places, but of people, events, food and anything under the sun, all of those that i would want to have a moment with before the end of my journey.

I want to share this to everyone and hopefully, this would be my way of teaching, sharing and inspiring other people to make them realize how every second is a blessing and every day is a gift.

SMILE! and the world would smile with YOU!
All of us have a certain weirdness that makes us unique and special. True enough i have some that i think might describe my diversity.